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M&K Car Disposal Services

Here at M&K Car Disposal, car disposal and parts are our bread and butter. We are proud to offer a wide range of options and services to our clients.

We have a scrap yard where we remove parts from old cars for resale and dispose of your unwanted vehicles and cars. As a part of our vehicle disposal services, we offer competitive prices for your unwanted used vehicles. So if you’re looking to resell your car for parts, look no further, we can offer an excellent price.

We salvage and provide used car parts.

A comprehensive list of our services includes:

  • Car Breakers
  • Scrap Yard
  • Used Car Parts
  • Vehicle Disposal
  • Unwanted Vehicles
  • Available to Used Car Parts
  • Scrap Metal Clearance
  • All vehicles, all ages, all conditions bought and sold

We take Commercial Vehicles, MOT Failures and Heavy Goods.

Contact us for further information and pricing.

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